Do I need Sky

I’m trying to justify to myself the £35/month for the mid-range Sky+ package (that’s with the free install, £49 Sky+ box and 3mths half price rental):

… however, I already have Freeview so I get a fair amount of extra channels (eg E4, CBeebies for lil’rids) so is it really worth it? Do you have Sky and find that you don’t really watch much else other than the channels that Freeview could give?

I am mainly tempted by the Sky+ box though, I’ve been looking into dvd-recorders but that seems a little archaic for taping Top Gear if I’m out etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it opens up the possibilites of what to watch…the question is how much telly do you watch ? I dont have sky myself but have loads of friends with it…and only 1 or 2 say its worth it…sky+ looks cool but youll find yoursef recording stuff and never watching it :wink:

Sky is good for the Discovery channels and the like…very intresting. Well worth it for those.

Rest is a bit of a downer…dad gets it for the football… Movie channels are quite good but I believe we have the expensive all included one or something…cos we have movies, discovery and sport…

I don’t have Sky, but I used to live for part of each week with a family who had NTL cable… I don’t know what the similarities/differences are in the programming and channels, but I found that I ended up mostly watching Sky One, E4 (which has since returned to freeview, yay!), and music channels (well… those are the channels I couldn’t watch back home, anyway). So, really, I think that it only comes down to Sky One. It’s pretty cool, but not £35/mo cool. Obviously, if you have interests in things like Science/History/etc documentaries, sports, or whatever, then it’s slightly more worth it.

Part of the reason for looking into Sky+ is that our VCR has just died on us and I don’t want to buy another. DVD recorders look okay but seems a little archaic so I was thinking of either a TiVo or just going for Sky+.

To be honest I don’t think I’d find that much time to watch the Sky Sports package, but you either subscribe to it (or the Sky Movies package) and hence get the Sky+ fees paid for you, or you have to pay £10/month for said Sky+. It only works out a few quid more to get the Sky Sports package… I only really want it for the Knowledge, Music and Variety packages.

we have some Sky through NTL’s family pack - and to be honest if we had an aerial on the roof we would probably go freeview.

Between the freeview and being in screenselect - I see no point in Sky - but that’s my personal opinion. I’m thinking of ditching the NTL tele and going for anyone else used this one?


I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan so sky suits me… other half likes some of the other channels and i also enjoy having mtv on during the day and some of the late night stuff :wink:

Sky+ is a fantastic product, we love the series link feature… just two button presses and it will record every ep of your favourate program, if the something happens and you want to listen to it again you rewind it and watch it again… if someone phones you up in the middle of your favourate program just hit record an it will record the whole program (including the first 10mins you just watched too)
I went for the movie package instead of the extra £10 a month for just the sky+ box and i have to admit that its one of the best gadgits i have ever brought.
It means that you watch programs when you want to watch them, i suppose you could argue the same of a vcr but a vcr doesn’t even come close in terms of functionalaty :nod:

The main channels we watch on Sky are - Sky 1, Sci-fi, Bravo, Nick Jnr & Price Drop TV (well I watch and buy :lol: ) although we sometimes have the music channels on.

Our package has the variety mix, style & culture mix, children’s mix, music mix, knowledge mix, news mix but we’re only paying £21 a month for that :shrug: Guess it’s cause we haven’t got sports or sky+.

We’re actually going to downgrade ours to variety, style & culture, children’s & music as tbh we never watch any of the knowledge channels and the only news we watch is BBC news 24 which is free anyway.


Are you aware that you can get freeview hard disk PVR’s ?.

There are loads out there and as they have twin tuners you get all of the features of Sky+, just not the extra channels.