Do you think there's a need for ..

… an :embarassedsmilie: :smiley:

been talked about for ages, and the increase in Neal Moments just lately gives us a perfect reason for having one :lol: :nod:

… c’mon Major, let’s be seeing one :thumbsup:

i second that motion

that isn’t it exactly but I will keep looking :lol:

I’m sure you’ll come up with a humdinger :thumbsup:

Didn’t there used to be a redface smilie, or was that somewhere else.

Love the loser one.

Look forward to an embarassed smily as well. :smiley:

There might be one at Mojo’s tonight, i’ll get my hair cut :eek: . Hopefully someone will have a camera ready :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch out for your eyebrows in the middle of the night :smiley:

How is these! :lol:

personally I like the 4th one!

Like the fourth as well.

Better than the 3rd which is the MSN one…

:thumbsup: 4th, seconded … err, no I mean fourthed, or do I ?

My eyebrows are safe, the Chantrils are not present;)

your eyebrows must be in a strange place endre :wink:

the 4th looks good :D…/note to self…superglue all hair before going to mojo’s :\

I have one on my site :slight_smile:

Im still waiting for that haircut;)


I have one on my site

oh, sirgaz got that one in before me!

my vote also goes for the 4th one.