Dockers Update 1-14-10

Team Stats on 1-14-10 at 0012 gmt

173,651 (RAC) Up +2,503
35,564,120 (Overall Credit) Up 218,482

Team Ranking
2nd in RAC- NC — 10,642 behind #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 4,950,245 behind – Planet 3DNow!

New Team Members: None

Team Movements:

Lee Ann jumps 2 spots to 48th by Stomping
both Minidtdan and Brian


:trophy: congrats to Lee Ann on passing 1,000 credits. :trophy:

Our best day in a long time. RAC is slowly climbing and we made up 74,000
credits on Planet 3DNow! Looking forward to the campers joining us this weekend.

The future is looking bright. Thanks for the news SJ! :slight_smile: