Dockers Update. 1-15-10

Team Stats on 1-15-10 at 0010 gmt

172,782 (RAC) Down -869
35,738,122 (Overall Credit) Up 174,003

Team Ranking
2nd in RAC- NC — 3,429 behind #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 4,883,625 behind – Planet 3DNow!

New Team Members: TLD and cswchan

Team Movements:

TLD joins us with 57,600 credits and takes 41st position.

cswchan starts out in 43rd position with 37,000 credits.


:trophy: Congrats to TheFiend on the million credit milestone. :trophy:

Welcome to TLD and cswchan. Hope you both enjoy your stay with Team TPR.
Another steady day of production. We are close to taking #1 in RAC and made up another 66,620 credits on Planet 3DNow!
Until tomorrow, keep crunching! :wave:

:trophy: Cheers for the mention SJ

Welcome aboard guys and again, nice crunching Fiend :cool: Cheers for the nooz SJ :cheers:

Welcome to the new members! Thanks for the stats SJ! :slight_smile:

Hope we can give you folks a little push up the stats.