Dockers Update. 1-22-10

Team Stats on 1-22-10 at 0005 gmt

184,310 (RAC) Up +3,852

37,066,794 (Overall Credit) Up 214,633

Team Ranking
#3 in RAC-- 14,608 behind #2-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 5,001,230 behind – Planet 3DNow!

New Team Members: None

Team Member Movements:

Monitor-Man Stomps TankGirl to claim 16th position.

vaio Stomps Mawgen moving into 43rd position.

cswchan Stomps P51 Mustang to claim 45th position.

rwillis Jumps Michael Roberts moving into 50th position.

Milestones: None Today!

A whole lot of Stomping going on the last few day’s!
Another very good day of production as RAC gained again, and
we added over 214,000 credits to our total.
Planet 3DNow! out produced us putting us down just over 5 million again.
Until Tomorrow, Keep Crunching! :smiley:

They can run, but they can’t hide. Let’s spank them :devil: More to come from me, and it will be ten days before the RAC from the campers shows itself in full.

…No Mile Stones!!! I cracked 5 Million at Collatz Conjecture last night …OOPS! that doesn’t count does it…actually with any luck I should pop 750K D@H credits while I’m here

You Crack it, I’ll Report it !!:trophy:

Thanks for the stats SJ! :slight_smile:

TRUE …I’m doing well over 6K but only showing around 2K!!!

Yes WE Can. :catfight: RACE, with ourselves :wink: