Dockers Update. 12-19-09

Team Stats on 12-19-09 at 0029 gmt

158,637 (RAC) Up 1,880 Great gains this week!
31,107,153 (Overall Credit) Up 171,836

Team Ranking
2nd in RAC- NC ----18,616 behind #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- NC

New Team Members: None

Team Movements:

TheFiend Stomps Peige to claim 10th position.

mackerel moves into 20th by Stomping VK7FGMH

Milestones: None

RAC continues to climb, keep crunching! :nod:

Still crunching away, although at half power for now, as the other CPU is Folding at the mo. Might fire up my LINUX box which will give two more CPUs and s*d the expense. Well it’s Christmas. :slight_smile: Cheers for the nooz SJ

Thanks for the update SJ! :slight_smile:

Woot!!! Peige gets :stomp: :chuckle:

Cheers for the news!!!

Thanks for the news, but I do believe I’m still 21st. One more stomp needed to make it to top 20 and the first page on the stats list :smiley:

We are both right. When the stats were done you had claimed 20th,
but than anthonmg joined the team and claimed 2nd position so
everyone dropped a spot. :slight_smile: