Dockers Update 2-06-10

Team Stats on 2-06-10 at 0207 gmt

157,780 (RAC) Down -1,732

39,360,449 (Overall Credit) Up 137,130

Team Ranking
#3 in RAC-- 189,381 behind #2-- Charity Team

2nd in Overall Credit- 9,497,485 behind – Planet 3DNow!

New Team Members: None

Team Member Movements:

sj761 Stomps PGood moving into 29th position.


:trophy: Congrats to Peige on One Million Credits. :trophy:

:trophy: sj761 passes 200,000 credits. :trophy:

A drop of 20,000 credits over yesterday and it’s not even Sunday?
I finally got a Stomp in myself for a change. :smiley:
Has anyone heard from Heidi? She has not reported any stats
for over a week. Hope all is well. :xfinger:
No other news. :tiphat:

I’ll crack 800K tomorrow …something well over 150K here in 3 weeks. @ EOB tomorrow I need to go home …this has been a very pleasant experience… I/We will be back!!!

Keith, Thank you for your contribution to TPR.
It was a pleasure to host you and your gang.

Nice 200K SJ and a great stomp too!! :cool: Cheers for the stats m8! :cheers:

due to the “ice” storm here, I am down to one computer :frowning:

I have been on a generator since noon yesterday and restoration of power is a long time coming.

I’ll have everything back online when I get power:D

Damn, no power sucks. Lived a week in the dark a few years back. no fun!
Hope you have a fireplace or stove to keep warm.
Stay safe!

@ Mike>>> I’ve been through 2 Ice Storms in the 10 years I’ve been in Kentucky … definitely an experience! Thankfully I’ve never lost power; good luck my friend!!

@ Steve…You did a super job of making our visit a pleasure ! That is saying a lot for a host contact without admin rights…personally I would nominate you as at least a Mod; if not a Super Mod…Heidi???Double Top???

With that I’ll be pulling up stakes…it will probably take all day to JackHammer the concrete DT poured around them!!!

EDIT: all of you know you are more than WELCOME to dropinto……anytime for some good old time conversation ; from discussions about the latest GPU’s to our arcade games