Dockers Update 2-16-10

Credit to Free-DC for the graphs and stats!

Team Stats on 2-16-10 at 0038 gmt

137,841 (RAC) Up +283

40,598,906 (Overall Credit) Up 124,888

Team Ranking
#2 in RAC– 92,029 behind #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 9,741,819 behind – Planet 3DNow!

Metrics Today
Top User :anthonmg - 26,383
Users Returning Work : 26/51 (50.98%)
Points per user yesterday : 4,946
Users going up : 10
Users going down : 21
Users in top 100 : 13
Users in top 50 : 9

Team Member Movements: None


:trophy: Spirit_of_the_sixties passes 150,000 credits. :trophy:

We have re-claimed 2nd in RAC passing Charity Team today.
Rac has also gone positive for the 1st time in a while!
We even gained 4,000 credits on Planet 3DNow today!
Best news is ledconversions appears to have the farm
crunching Docking again as he made a big jump in daily credits. :smiley:
Great work eveyone. Keep Crunching. :tiphat:

Nice milestone there SOTS. Cheers for the updates SJ

Thanks for the update SJ! :slight_smile: