Dockers Update 2009/June/01

[COLOR=Blue]Searching for Lifesaving Solutions!

Time Stamp: 2009/June/01 at 04:18:08 UTC[/B][/COLOR]
Time between last update: 72:12 Hrs

Team Statistics
70,156 (RAC) Up 1546
3,663,313 (Overall) UP 225,256

TPR Dockers are now
1st in Recent Average Credit [COLOR=DarkGreen]Up 1[/COLOR]
8th in Overall Credit Up 1

[B]New Team Members

[/COLOR] [/B]Team Goals

Next Main Target
Their Current Position: Overall: 05 | RAC: 05
RAC: 66,392 | Needed to pass | PASSED
Overall: 4,422,680 | Needed to pass | 759,367

Next Team to Pass in
RAC: None | Needed to pass |
Overall: BOINC Synergy | Needed to pass | [B][COLOR=Red]11,787

[/B][/COLOR] Members Worldwide Achievements

WW Recent Average Credit
Top 40
06. Gandelf: 13,215.57 + Down 1
12. DoubleTop: 8,710.32 + NC
13. TPR_Mojo: 8,286.49 - NC
14. Butuz: 7,976.49 + [COLOR=DimGray]NC[/COLOR]
24. placidsheep: 4,619.34 - [COLOR=Red]Down 4
[/COLOR] 25. 4,507.72 + Up 1
37. Mortlake: 3,465.09 - Down 8

WW Overall Credit
Top 40
30. placidsheep: 615,228 [COLOR=DarkGreen]Up 1
34. Gandelf: 525,759 Up 3
39. TPR_Mojo: 473,618 NC
Top 100 Hosts
02. Gandelf: (26671) [COLOR=DimGray]NC[/COLOR]
Intel® Xeon® CPU E5450 @ 3.00GHz
03. Gandelf: COLOR=Red UP 3[/COLOR]
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
04.[B] Gandelf: /B[COLOR=DarkGreen] [COLOR=Red]Down 1[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
19. DoubleTop: (26157)[COLOR=Blue] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Up 4[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Intel® Xeon® CPU E5410 @ 2.33GHz
23.[B] Andy Williams: /B Up 4
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
43.[B] Spesh: /B Up 20
Intel® Xeon® CPU X3350 @ 2.66GHz
58.[B] Peige: /B Up 4
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz
60.[B] TPR_Mojo: /B Up 5
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU @ 2.40GHz
77.[B] DoubleTop: /B NC
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.50GHz
90. Gandelf: COLOR=Red UP 10[/COLOR]
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz

[B][SIZE=4][COLOR=Navy]Members Team Achievements

[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=DarkRed]Recent Average Credit
Top 10
01. Gandelf: [COLOR=Black]13,215.57 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 02. DoubleTop:[COLOR=Black] 8,710.32 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 03. TPR_Mojo: 8,286.49[COLOR=Black] [COLOR=Red]- [/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 04. Butuz[COLOR=Black]: 7,976.49 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 05. placidsheep: 4,619.34 -
06. 4,507.72 +
07. Mortlake: [COLOR=Black]3,465.09 [COLOR=Red]-[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 08. Spesh: [COLOR=Black]2,408.30 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 09. Lonely: 2,131.69 +
10. Andy Williams:[COLOR=Black] 1,908.08 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
In Top 20
11. Peige:[COLOR=Black] 1,803.92 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+ [/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 12. Brooklyn74[COLOR=Black]: 1,633.81 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 13. The Dirts: 1,537.88[COLOR=Black] [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 14. Scientific Frontline: [COLOR=Black]1,378.58 [COLOR=Red]-[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 15. bigsheff1: [COLOR=Black]1,156.04 [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkGreen]+
[/COLOR] 16. TankGirl[COLOR=Black]: 972.26 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 17. WORMSS: 891.97[COLOR=Black] [COLOR=DimGray]NC[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 18. TheFiend: 644.57[COLOR=Black] [COLOR=DarkGreen]+ Up 3 [/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 19. Tom Wilson: [COLOR=Black]553.45 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 20[COLOR=Black]. PGood: 459.29 [COLOR=Red]-[/COLOR]
21. Bullseye: [COLOR=Black]390.67 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+ [COLOR=DarkGreen]Up 1[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 22. sj761[COLOR=Black]: 381.47 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+ Up 2[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 23. Warmheart: [COLOR=Black]285.63 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+ Up 2[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 24. JUGGY: [COLOR=Black]280.83 [COLOR=DarkGreen]+ Up 7[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 25. TPRDroid[COLOR=Black]: 272.75 [COLOR=Red]- Down 10[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 26. P51 Mustang:[COLOR=Black] 160.10[COLOR=DarkGreen][COLOR=Black] [COLOR=Red]- Down 3[/COLOR][/COLOR] [/COLOR]
[/COLOR] 27. Monitor-Man: 158.26 [COLOR=Red]-[/COLOR][COLOR=Black][COLOR=Red] Down 1
28. wheelieslug: 157.78[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]+ Down 1[/COLOR]
29. Patrick: 133.57 + Up 1
30. Noel: 115.26 - Down 2
31. Michael Roberts: 105.15 - Down 2
32. Phoenix714: 20.11 NC
33. PMM: 18.75 [COLOR=DimGray][COLOR=DimGray]NC
[/COLOR] [/COLOR]34. drezha: 0.00 [COLOR=DimGray]NC

[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkRed]Overall Credit[/COLOR]
Top 10
01. placidsheep: 615,228
02. Gandelf: [COLOR=Black]525,759
[/COLOR] 03. TPR_Mojo:[COLOR=Black] 473,618
[/COLOR] 04. DoubleTop: [COLOR=black]440,297
[/COLOR] 05. Mortlake: 215,844
06. Butuz: [COLOR=Black]203,007
[/COLOR] 07. 129,762
08. Andy Williams: 116,118
09. WORMSS: 101,147
10. Scientific Frontline[COLOR=Black]: 90,667[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]In Top 20[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black]11. Lonely: 80,170 [COLOR=DarkGreen]Up 1
12. Peige: 77,508 Up 1
13. TPRDroid: 76,711 Down 2
14. Brooklyn74: 66,796
15. The Dirts: 59,982
16. TankGirl: 54,741
17. Spesh: 48,257 Up 1
18. P51 Mustang: 47,953 Down 1
19. bigsheff1: 40,178
20. PGood: 34,024

21. Tom Wilson: 33,144
22. JUGGY: 30,056
23. Bullseye: 25,854
24. TheFiend: 22,889
25. Monitor-Man: 18,210
26. Warmheart: 9,081
27. wheelieslug: 7,995
28. Noel: 6,705
29. sj761: 6,637
30. Michael Roberts: 3,146
31. Patrick: 2,141
32. PMM: 1,062
33. Phoenix714: 302
34. drezha: 0



I was a little misleading when I said stats at 4:00 UTC… that’s the time of stats, takes about a hour to compile, but most are asleep anyhow.

Yes we are back to moving up!
[COLOR=DarkGreen]1st in RAC and 8th in Overall! We should pass BOINC Synergy early today and be in 7th! Then back to err Ars Technica.

Judge only position change in WW RAC. Way to go Judge!:tiphat:
Gandelf most position change in WW Overall, moving 3 spots to 34!:yippee:
placidsheep holding the teams lead at 30th.:slight_smile:

Spesh moves 20 spots in Top Hosts to 43rd! :trophy:Think that comp may be running N[/COLOR]2O. Awesome Spesh!
[COLOR=DarkGreen]Gandelf moves another comp in Top Hosts and is now at 90th!:slight_smile:
G are you taken that one to 5th?
Everyone did awesome in top host and only stomp was Gandelf stepping on himself.
Looks like Juggy is crunching again! Most position change in Team’s RAC. Moving up 7 to 24th!:tiphat:

A big smile at Fiend for moving 3 spots.:smiley:

Nice going all![/COLOR]

Thanks Heidi, awfully nice of you;)

Yip, I’m back in business but waiting for a new motherboard as the one I bought doesn’t suit my needs properly. Should get it tomorrow morning and have it up and running at over 4GHZ by tomorrow night. Good times they will be;)

Lets hope gandelf doesn’t trip over himself with all this stomping of… himself…

oh my god, Just thought what would be cool…
Gandelf buying 100 of his Crunch Beasts… and just has the top 100 Hosts to himself.

[quote=WORMSS;439899]Lets hope gandelf doesn’t drip over himself with all this stomping of… himself…

oh my god, Just thought what would be cool…
Gandelf buying 100 of his Crunch Beasts… and just has the top 100 Hosts to himself.[/quote]
Then we could all go back to bed… hmm you may have something there hon…
How about it “g”

Good Morning WORMSS…

and Goodnight to all, I be sleepy now!

Lol, I wish I could afford it…

26709 is going to be #1 as it is outpacing the current #1 by a good margin.

I’m not running the latest i7 at any kind of overclock at the moment, so doubt it will reach top 5 :sneaky: but it might…:smiley:

Thanks for the news! :thumbsup:



So you noticed… :whistle:

Looks like the Germans have seen us coming…

We’re down to second again on RAC… :frowning:

Any German speakers fancy having a nosey round their forum???

One of my Shuttles has been generating compute errors… Probably because the ambient temp has been shooting up with the good weather in the UK…:crash:

So the fan on the heat pipe CPU cooler has been replaced with a Delta… :nod:

That is one loud Shuttle now… :lol:

Just hope it cures it!!!

Thanks for the update Heidi! :slight_smile:

Yes cheers for the update!


[quote=TheFiend;439916]Looks like the Germans have seen us coming…

We’re down to second again on RAC… :frowning:

Any German speakers fancy having a nosey round their forum???[/quote]
Just this German stalker:D

Went and poked around a little, last post on Docking was on May 27… I saw nothing to show what was going down. But they are moving RAC up fast in one day. Over 8000 up today.
I might just have to look harder in other areas for news.