Dockers Update 3-02-10

Credit to Free-DC for the graphs and stats!

Team Stats on 3-02-10 at 0255 gmt

181,517 (RAC) Up +7,870

43,199,023 (Overall Credit) Up 230,557

Team Ranking
#1 in RACโ€“ 11,101 Ahead #2-- Planet 3DNow! :trophy:

2nd in Overall Credit- 9,254,892 behind โ€“ Planet 3DNow!

Metrics Today
Top User anthonmg- 35,734
Users Returning Work : 30/60 (50.00%)
Points per user yesterday : 6,187
Users going up : 15
Users going down : 17
Users in top 100 : 14
Users in top 50 : 9

Team Member Movements: :stomp::stomp::stomp::stomp:

Cruncher Pete Stomps Heidi moving into 21st position.

bigsheff1 Stomps VK7FGMH for 24th position.

Egad Ivegoninsane Stomps rwillis claiming 46th position.

Spaceboy Stomps Ares for 51st position.

Billy Stomps both Brian and PMM moving into 56th position.

Milestones: :trophy::trophy::trophy:

Monitor-Man passes 700,000 credits.

Egad Ivegoninsane passes 40,000 credits.

Billy passes 1,000 credits.

Another outstanding day of production as we had or 4th best day of all time with 230k credits.
We also claimed the #1 spot in RAC and gained over 120K on Planet 3DNow in over all credit.
Just think how much better it would have been had some of us not run out of work.
Lets keep the run going. Until tomorrow. :tiphat:

Thanks for the news! :cheers:

a sterling job with the stats once again :tiphat:


Yes itโ€™s good to see us climbing up the scale.:trophy:


Nicely done everyone. Cheers for the stats once more SJ :cheers:

Thanks for the stats SJ! :slight_smile: