Dockers Update 3-29-10

Credit to Free-DC for the graphs and stats!

Team Stats on 3-29-10 at 0245 gmt

147,745 (RAC) Down -14,160

48,750,957 (Overall Credit) Up 83,571

Team Ranking

#2 in RAC-- 45,082 Behind of #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 10,842,420 behind – Planet 3DNow

Metrics Today
Top User :DoubleTop - 41,772
Users Returning Work : 14/57 (24.56%)
Points per user yesterday : 4,147
Users going up : 3
Users going down : 22
Users in top 100 : 13
Users in top 50 : 10

Team Member Movements: None

Milestones: None

A sad day for production. Our lowest day since I started doing stats.
Only 14 team members returned results today. I have a days worth of
work on one computer and two others that have been out all weekend
and can’t get any work. I have been trying but no luck. :furious: I’m sure others
are in the same boat. Lets hope they get things back to normal tomorrow.

Cheers for the news…

Always run a 7 day cache… So I still have quite a few units…

Day 4… with still no WU’s? I seem to remember this sitrep was the cause of being dumped before. Seems history is repeating itself. I had hoped to have had in excess of 500k this month for the team - trying for my 15’ of fame. Still unable to cache WU’s which doesn’t help. If WU’s start to appear I will go for it. However, sorry to say this, but if no WU’s are forthcoming by late tonight, 11pm’ish, then I will be dumping the project.

Can’t get any either, so sticking with Sztaki for now… Cheers anyway Steve :thumbsup:

Finally got some work from Docking.

:trophy: Have managed to get 1 wu and then find the site is down for maintenance - somebody wants a swift :kickbum:

Had to switch my Docking 'puter over to SETI for lack of work. I’ll switch it back again when work becomes available.

all the machines I can see now have work :smiley:


Finally got 1WU too. only a 3.5hour one, but it is working OK at least :slight_smile: