Dockers Update 3-6-10

It’s getting late and I don’t know where Steve is …so I’ll jump in and do the Stats…without the commentary

Milestones Today
Phoenix Rising passes 45,000,000
Scientific Frontline passes 450,000
TPR_Mojo passes 3,000,000
Noel passes 80,000
Michael Roberts passes 30,000
Charlie1 passes 40,000
Minidtdan passes 5,000
Egad Ivegoninsane passes 90,000
Phased_Array passes 150,000

Milestones Yesterday
Monitor-Man passed 750,000
TheFiend passed 1,400,000
Billy passed 10,000
Damski passed 250,000
morpheus passed 7,000
Egad Ivegoninsane passed 80,000
Phased_Array passed 100,000

Members Joining Today
Members Leaving Today
Cruncher Pete departed to Aussie Alliance

Metrics Today
Top User :DoubleTop - 65,824
Users Returning Work : 31/58 (53.45%)
Points per user yesterday : 12,708
Users going up : 18
Users going down : 7
Users in top 100 : 14
Users in top 50 : 9
Weekly Rank Change : 0
Monthly Rank Change : 0

Man I did not think its was that late, you guy’s really need your stats fix!
Thank you Sport, (Keith) for taking charge you made an enjoyable evening out
with my wife and son even better. Had a nice dinner out and than a concert and
now don’t have to do the stats. Off to bed to catch on some much needed sleep.
See you all tomorrow.

Thanks for the stats Sport! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

Steve; I felt kinda bad jumping in like that! Any time you you need a hand just let me know; I can help

Don’t feel bad, I was just messing with you!
It was a late night for me, and a nice surprise to
not have to sit down and do stats.
Thank You for jumping in.