Dockers Update 6-25-10

Team Stats on 6-26-10 at 0230 gmt

163,741 (RAC)

62,796,643 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #1 in RAC-- 41,803 Ahead of #2-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 6,715,664 behind – Planet 3DNow

Charts not updated.

Team Member Movements: None


:trophy:M.D. Petermeier passes 5,000 credits.:trophy:

A big TPR Welcome to our newest member M.D. Petermeier
Drop by the forums and say hello! Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Where have the rest of you guy’s been?
Very few post’s the last few weeks!
Keep Crunching! :tiphat:

Given the status quo between us and P3DN I guess we are just crunching away, not much to discuss really…