Dockers Update 6-26-10

Team Stats on 6-27-10 at 0243 gmt

163,821 (RAC)

62,962,053 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #1 in RAC-- 39,889 Ahead of #2-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 6,694,367 behind – Planet 3DNow

Metrics Today
Top User :anthonmg - 32,705
Users Returning Work : 21/62 (33.87%)
Points per user yesterday : 7,383
Users going up : 8
Users going down : 31
Users in top 100 : 13
Users in top 50 : 9

Team Member Movements:

The Dirts Stomps bigsheff1 moving into 21st position.

morpheus Jumps Charlie1 for 42nd position.

Endre Stomps ike moving into 50th position.


:trophy: morpheus passes 90,000 credits. :trophy:

Another day of steady production as we continue to chip away at Planet 3DNows lead.
Also want to thank our new members for joining in to help us
maintain our current #1 RAC position.
And Congrats to M.D. Petermeier
who joined the ranks of our top 10 producers today!
Until Tomorrow. :tiphat: