Dockers Update 6-8-10

Team Stats on 6-8-10 at 0152 gmt

163,811 (RAC)

60,036,403 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #1 in RAC-- 47,160 Ahead of #2-- Planet 3DNow

2nd in Overall Credit- 7,474,667 behind – Planet 3DNow

Charts not updated at post time.

Team Member Movements:

Endre Stomps Phoenix714 claiming 57th position.


:trophy: TPR Passes 60 million credits! :trophy:

Peige passed 1,500,000 credits.

Spesh passes 550,000 credits.

Endre passed 500 credits.

Congrats to Michael Roberts for being Docking@home user of the day.
Great job getting the team name and link on the Docking home page.
Production very steady, we continue to gain around 100K a day on Planet3DNow.
Until tomorrow. :tiphat:

Congrats to all the 'stoners, and congrats to all on the 60mill :trophy: