Dockers Update 7-12-10

Team Stats on 7-13-10 at 0151 gmt

154,403 (RAC)

65,501,912 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #1 in RAC-- 38,156 Ahead of #2-- Team Canada

2nd in Overall Credit- 5,690,310 behind – Planet 3DNow

Charts Not Updated at press time !

Team Member Movements:

Scientific Frontline Stomped TankGirl for 18 position.

morpheus Stomps Lee Ann for 37th position.


:trophy: bigsheff1 passes 550,000 credits.

That’s all for today! :tiphat:

Thanks for the stats and now off to chase down Spesh, and try to keep the Big Guy behind me.
and speaking of him… :trophy:Congratulations on the 55K!:trophy:

Thanks Hiedi BUT the BIG GUY still has you in my sights!

hmm, that little lot needed LUBE !!!

:bigdump: pass the ointment :cry:


Still have a couple of tricks up my sleeve O’l mighty one, think I’ll just reel you in first:D

Gee what is up with these long WU’s… 13hrs.

quads back on at home :slight_smile: