Docking - can't get no work

Anyone else having trouble getting any work for docking? My PC been trying all day says got 0 new tasks over and over? :frowning:


Not so far Butuz :confused:

I had that a couple of weeks ago after the server had some downtime and got constant “down for maintenance”. A reboot resulted in a full cache.

Bizzare. It’s been picking up a few super short units that take 30 to 60 mins to run and then running out of work again.

Got 12 units in the queue now but in 2 hours they’ll be gone unless it picks up more.

I think ill increase my cache size. May try a reboot too cheers guys.


My total credit has seemed to slow down a fair bit… will check out the machines when I get a min :slight_smile:

Haven’t had any WUs from Docking since 5/12. 0 tasks downloaded every time. Had four strange errors on the 12th:

5/12/2012 4:04:33 AM | Docking | Output file 1ec11dif_mod0014crossdockinghiv1_23407_356068_0_3 for task 1ec11dif_mod0014crossdockinghiv1_23407_356068_0 absent

Note sure what that’s about.

Theres some weird stuff going on still - back from work today to find cpus at 0% and computation errors galore and completed work units with only 15 mins taken.

Just manually updated and got some normal looking work units 3.5 hour estimated - hopefully the dregs of the barrel are over on the docking servers and they’ve put a new barrel on :smiley:


Manual update brought in 1 WU… :confused:

Have not seen any problems getting W/Us,But, My cache is set for 7 days and only have work for 4. Will watch for new work.

aaaaannnndddd … 42 seconds later I have a computation error… rats…

After emptying a large cache seems like I can’t get any WU’s! :Oh-hum:

Oh well… might as well do some Malariacontrol…

Still getting WUs with no problem. Can’t seem to not get any. Weird! :shrug: I am running all mine on 32 bit OSs if it matters at all. I know some 64 bit set ups have had issues

Finally got some after about 11 hours without any… but have got a batch of Malaria WU’s to finish first. I know from experience I can’t crunch them together as it causes compute errors on the docking WU’s.