Domain / ADSL issues

Hi All;

Another random fault, that is just baffling me, and was wondering if anyone could point me in a right direction to try and figure out whats happening.

the situation is that in a site we have a workgroup of machines, majority of them are win2k based. Running a DB server and connect into a winxp ‘server’ machine via UNC paths and DB connection paths.

The win XP machine is connected to an international domain. What we are noticing is in random sites when the ADSL connection drops, the WinXP machine attempts to authenticate itself on the domain, fails (obviously) and in doing so decides to reject any incomming connecition request with the following System event log;

55788,System,NETLOGON,ERROR,ComputerName,Wed Jun 24 06:26:08 2009,5789,None,Attempt to update DNS Host Name of the computer object in Active Directory failed. The updated value was ‘ComputerName.Domain’. The following error occurred: The parameter is incorrect.

(Obivoulsy the computer name and domain name have been removed)

The issue has only since appeared since the blanket update of SP3 on the xp machines, but cannot find anything that would point to this issue.

I have ensured all DNS Suffix are correct, and everything on the AD is the same as it always has.

So does anyone have any pointers for to take a gander at? for i feel like hitting my head against a wall atm…for ADSL in certain areas just plainly SUCKS!

So the XP server is not a domain server? Does the XP machine have two nic’s?

xp joined to domian. win2k on workgroup but connect into xp machine for DBs and updates using ip addys and local hosts file.

The is a maximum of about 7 Win2k machines (for the 10 connections limit in win XP). they are all on a local 100meg netowrk at each site. ADSL links straight back to our server room via a concerntrator, where the domain controller is found.

If that makes sense?

sounds as if the client 2k machines are authenticating against the AD when connecting to the DB on XP ?

If so, not sure how to work around it other than changing the database connection details/properties or worse the ODBC/JDBC connector driver

thats the thing, the dbs are all set to SQL authentications, and nothing else. and its not just the db connections that get refused connection, unc paths do too.

Well looks like a long week of testing for me next week :stuck_out_tongue: