Don't You Hate....

people that laugh in your face and give you cheap insults. then when you ask them to take it outside they laugh and don’t reply. :mad:

Oh dear, but looking at this thread from the forum homepage it reads ‘dont you hate …haggis’ made me giggle, sorry if a little insenitive :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I hope I am secure enough in my own sense of me that other peoples’ opinions don’t really matter. I would never resort to physical violence anyway.

On the very rare occasions this has ever happened to me I find that they are the ones who look small when I retain my composure and stoically ignore them.

I hate it when someone is so ignorant never to reply to your questions…

even when you want to know why they dont like you!

Hey, if they can only afford cheap insults thats their problem. I just smile, laugh inwardly and walk away. Not even worth using my more expensive insults on them and deffo not worth fighting them for.

Insults are nothing, and as for taking it outside … what if it’s raining :eek:

best thing to do is agree with them, that really confuses things and they usualy go pick on someone else :slight_smile:

there again, if that doesn’t work - take a trip to the toilet and see if the fools follow (worked for me) :devil:

So you give them a good seeing-to in the toilet do you? :wink:

well … I did ask the wife if I was allowed to batter him after he’d been at me for ages, but she said no :frowning:

… now is it my fault that he thought he was on a winner because I didn’t rise to the bait in front of his mates :smiley:

anyway, from all the moaning and groaning he ended up doing, I think he enjoyed it :wink:

ta you made me feel better