DoubleTop Just heard your message on Radio 2

Everyone have a good time at Mojos :smiley:

About 10 minutes ago - Johnnie Walker show (I think) :slight_smile:

[edit] Yep - Johnnie Walker [/edit]

wow - superb stuff, I can only just use text on my phone and was that bored sat still in traffic I thought I’d give it a go.

That is awesome - can’t wait for the play it again feature :smiley:


That was great. Well done DT and Neal! Wish you all an excellent time at Mojo’s. Incidentally, while going to the radio link I noticed the following which should be worth a listen - Debbie Harry rocks!

Coming up - 26th November
Jonathan Ross will be joined by guests including … megastar Debbie Harry

Yep we all listened… to the loop that was played on the main stereo :rolleyes: :flip:

For quite a while… until we all started to feel slightly insane :eek:

But, never the less… kewl :smiley:

SOP for Mojo’s I am sure! :lol: