Dragon's Call

Dragon’s Call is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG with stunning graphics and turn-based combat. The graphic are 2D, yet it’s a magnificent medieval theme of art. The battle is text-based as default but we can switch it to animation which is flash based! What sets this game apart from other browser-based games of its kind is its rich gameplay content and visual appeal, and that it encourages players to get involved with the community in real-time. The game features hundreds of class-specialized pieces of equipment, events to promote player interaction, hundreds quests with thousands of lines of insightful NPC dialogue, hundreds of unique animated graphics, a distinct user interface with customizable elements, and several other systems to put twists into your otherwise ordinary RPG. It is highly addictive, with a vibrant community, and awesome random banter.

DC just launched a new server. If you’re looking for a more interactive game, this is a great time to come join Dragon’s Call.


IGN: Weblegend Hope to see you soon!