do ever go to any mini shows?
i go to castlecoombe every year with the local mini club even though i haven’t got one :). good day out though watching people take their cars on the race track last year there was a nice shiny omega went straight into the barriers …lol
good place to get any mini spares too:).

i’m usually there with the tamar valley mini club:)


No I never have…
which is a bit upsetting really…:frowning:

I’d like to go…

I also wanted to take part in the mini runs but my mini failed it’s MOT yesterday…

just finding out how much it will cost…:frowning:

well if you want to any of the show dates let me know and i’ll get a list for you :slight_smile: theres normally 100’s of minis at these shows and loads of stalls to buy spares second hand and new :slight_smile: plus it’s good fun

Yeah please!
Some dates would be nice! :smiley:

ok m8 no probs will see one of the mini club lads in the week and let you know :slight_smile: where in devon are you?


Landkey to be more precise…

Himley Hall was great last year with the drive through Italian Job movie - thats an experience I will never forget.

Drezha, you have to go to some shows, they are fantastic. Although I get upset now I don’t have a roadworthy Mini any more!!

TK, you have a mini for the noughties a smart! :slight_smile: (ps get mine friday(can you tell I’m exited?))

Nor do I…

It failed the other day so legally I dont think I should still be driving it… :rolleyes:

If the old MOT still has time to run then you can drive it until it expires even though it has failed a test since. Once the old ticket has expired you can only drive it to a pre-booked MOT test.


Get in! :smiley:

MOT runs out in April…


could look here for mini show dates :slight_smile:
i’ll probably be going to a couple again this year just for a look …lol

theres the newquay run on may bank hoilday and in september theres castlecoombe thats good for watching cars racing and not just mini’s …:slight_smile:

Likely to get rid of my mini after it’s servie tomorrow :frowning:


Mind, its better than doing what I’m doing and letting it rot at my parents house cos I can’t bear to get rid :frowning: