DT - BJEast75 and Danyella52 are crunching again!

We’re creeping up the ranking with a tiny bit of help from a couple of servers from work (dual 2.8HT Xeon’s) and everything at home. Any tips on getting Boinc to work faster? I heard a nasty rumour that MS machines get better credit than Linux machines (using FC2 -> 5), any reason?

Long time no see, although I did spy you in the Rosetta stats, was hoping you would make an appearance here :smiley: :thumbsup:

MS machines under current Boinc do get a bit more in benchmark results, and in turn try to claim more credit from the project servers. Take a peek at the optimised clients thread (sticky at top of crunchers cafe), that certainly helps with the linux “drag”.

I may just have to infect Gala’s machine with new boinc soon :devil: well, if you haven’t beaten me to it !! :lol:

Last thing BobCat (so others know what we are talking about) posted was a pic of the new bike ages ago. So how are things ?


Good to hear from you BJ. Great you’re upping the crunching :wink:

Hi all,

Yep we’re both still here, just thought we’d give the computers some grief and do a bit of good at the same time. I’ll try the tweks mentioned later and see if I can eek a bit more out of the systems yet.

DT - some pics of the new bike are here http://www.dburchell.co.uk/rvf400/rvf.html


creeping up my :moon:

24th in the team already, you can tell that’s not just Bobcats smelleron :lol:


Great to see you crunching BJ! :thumbsup:

one note to add, there is a boinc app that is susposed to, as I understand it, “correct” the credits claimed to even out the field. However at this point in the night I am unable to successfully locate what it is and even if it works.

I’m sure by the time I sober up someone will correct me or know the app I’m talking about :smiley:

thra is Trux’s calbrating cleint


and it worked wonders on my linux box