DT's App

Doesn’t seem to work on the BOINC combined team.

I got a Script error 9 or something.

Will post screenshot when I’ve got the time to get it.

I’m on it - if you have the two pages open side by side, you’ll see why, the formatting on the combo stats page is different so the parser is not getting results of what it needs to.

Gimme a few minutes, I’ll add it :smiley:


Is it fairly easy to make ctr-a / ctr-c work in the generated code box DT ?

I’m probably the only one that would use it though :lol:

quick quick - lob ideas at DT whilst he has the code open !!!


Seriously - get a wishlist going :smiley:


How hard is it to make it so it can see changes since it was last done… i mean if i do it and then press an “update” button then the next time somebody does it they get a real shot of whats changed between the last time the “update” button was used and when they have finished they press the “update” button.

Update button ftp’s into a space and uploads lates “dat” file, tells you it was sucessfull. When you next run it you click, load snapshot or something and it gets the last “dat” file…

See, that sounded so easy but involves so much more work, but you did ask for a wishlist :lol:


Ctrl A/ Ctrl C would be used by me as well.

Link to the added new TPR pages ie Rosetta etc.

Thats all I can think of now.



So now is the time I am expecting to be deleting or laughing about merging lots of duplicate news threads… :lol: