DT's fault

He put up some water cooling gear…

… I’ve had it off him

and the work in progress :chuckle:

Anyone tell what it is yet :wink:

OK it’s either an opeteron 1xx super clocker or a dual core :slight_smile:

It’s a mess of wires with some parts thrown in, plus a red fan to make it look cool. :chuckle:

Nah plain old barton 2500 :chuckle:

Just my Hi-fi’s Shuttle box, hopefully keeping the noise
and temp downs further by being water cooled.

Its about transformation number 3 of this rig :chuckle:

everything should fit in quite nice tbh.

Had to throw in a 5mm washer though on the CPU waterblock
terrible how little clamping pressure it had, and thats dispite
adjusting the clip mount to its second position, ended up putting
a washer underneth … Clamps tight now :smiley:

Everything running off the fan header’s… set to auto speed adjust.

Just need to finalise mounting of the pump then optimise the
tube lengths/routing and job done.

looks very like my SN45G I was going to say, before the ALE called me :drink:


That’s packing them in! :nod:

Running well :slight_smile:

Currently playing a DVD sitting solid at 45deg (Pump and rad on minimium power) … Shuttle setup to kick speed up a notch if it hits 48deg+.

Running Barton 2500 @ 1.568v (12x170) = 2040mhz <-- yes it will go faster
but its my media box so quiteness is the key.

Considering i’ve seen this rig hit 65+ before now with its heatpipe gizmo
I can conclude… Its running rather nice :slight_smile:

top draw result there I think :smiley:


ooh, I have one of those aquarius kit’s here… now you have me thinking… time to wuieten down my Media box? it’s a sn45, soooo… project for when I’m off work? 1 handed modding, could be interesting…