Dual core bargain

While thumbing this months CustomPC, how is this for a dual core bargain


OK it may run hotter than most things and clocked a little low, but most reports show that this thing clocks to 3.6GHz, now that is an almighty bargain :eek:

hmm, wonder if that will run in mackerels sff box…

ARRGHH stop it stop it!!!

The box is socket 478. All the Intel dual cores are in 775.

Well it does sayLGA775 in the ebuyer title :stuck_out_tongue:

If you sawed me in half i would have AMD written through me :wink: I don’t do Intel

You will do in a week :stuck_out_tongue: That reminds me, gotta start packing now :smiley:

those are beasts :agree:

Now if only Conroe compatability was guaranteed on current day 775 boards, I’d have one of those. The best looking board was by Asus, which is twice the price of the processor! Bah :flip: