in celebrattion at me passing my courses i will dump :devil:

:bigdump: :smiley:

all done :wiggle:

hmmm so much better :smiley:


You heading for the top stop of the big hitters tomorrow?

:confused: Aren’t there some results ready to dump for my Len account? :wink:

Top bombing LUC1FER! :bigdump:

That must be a weight off, your, erm…Do LUC1FER’s have one of those?:scared:

Now you can smell the relief as well as feel it at passing your courses:lol:

Well Done on both counts:thumbsup:

Congradulations on completing your courses. :yippee:

Thanks for your post matriculation contribution to science. :nod:

Apologies for not recognising your hmm’achievements, but how many WUs did you dump ? :slight_smile:

Would 385 units be correct :smiley:

Top :bigdump:ing :thumbsup:

Congrats on your courses! And great job on the dump! Shall I spray a can of Lysol?

Congrats mate! :bigdump: :thumbsup:

me waits for news :smiley: