Dusted off the other Gfx card

Went and got a low-priced dual-core machine at Best-Buy and popped my unused 9800 GTX into it. Then I went BACK to Best Buy because the power supply that came with the new CPU doesn’t do PCIe power. After buying a better power supply and popping it in, I’m adding the computer to my folding farm. We’ll see how much it helps.
[li]Currently running:
[/li][li]Win 7 on Quad-Core 2 Duo:
[/li][INDENT][li]GTX 295
[/li][INDENT][li]GPU Client 0
[/li][li]GPU Client 1[]Quad-Core 2 Duo
[/li][li]SMP Client[/INDENT]
[/li][li]Win Vista on Core 2 Duo:
[/li][li]9800 GTX
[/li][INDENT][li]GPU Client
[/li][li]Core 2 Duo
]SMP Client[/INDENT][/INDENT][/ul]