DVD/RW Recommendations

As you could probably guess, i’m looking for a new DVD/RW. I don’t really want to be spending more than £30 but i’ve seen plently of dual layer 16x drives on dabs, ebuyer and aria for this price. Can anyone recommend a good one. Its to run on winXP SP1.

Also, if I buy a dual layer, can i still burn single layer discs and what are these DVD-RAM drives all about.

I was looking at this. Is it any good?

Have a look at this one SVP DVD Drive

I’ve bought loads of stuff from them and they have been recommended on this forum before. This drive will do both dual layer and single layer without problems and will read but not write to DVD-RAM. Have a lok around the site though, I know they had drives for £19.99 :eek: that would be worth a look.

As far as I know DVD-RAM was just another option to the + and - formats which never really caught on. There may be advantages to it but the other formats are now so universal that it’s almost irrelavant for ‘normal’ use. I believe the media is quite expensive too.

hth, Cheers

/edit just found the link to the cheap ones DVD for £19.99

I quite like the look of that first one you posted + im upgrading from a Pioneer DVR-108 which i’ve never had any problems with so relibility shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks :thumbsup:

More suggestions are welcome as im not going to ne placing the order till at least tonight.

YGPM Scott :wink: