E6 Cored Athlon ?

I need to upgrade my aging (5 months) 3500 Winchester and I am told by shuttle I have to use an E6 Core, wtf is that and where sells them ?

want either a fast single core or a cheap(ish) dual core.

E6 is the “stepping”, something kind of like a version number, of the core. As AMD makes groups of changes, they bundle them together and label them as a new stepping. E6 is the latest stepping associated with the introduction of the Toledo cores. Compared to E4 (Venice), the changes are minor with the exception of a larger L2 cache. (Performance tests seem to indicate that an E4 running 200Mhz faster than an E6 will make up for the cache size difference; prices for the E6s may make that something worth considering).

I would suspect that your mobo can run pretty much any socket 939 CPU; just look at what’s out there and decide on your own, E6 or no. Should you still want to insist on an E6, I’d suggest looking at www.pricewatch.com, and then using the telephone to place the order with a reputable vender to ensure that you’re getting the core revision of your choice.

Thanks for the answer E6=Toledo , that was all I was looking for , oh and it HAS to be an E6 for me and all the other SN95G5 V2 shuttle owners out there :slight_smile:

E6 refers to the steping though im not sure why you have use a E6 over a E4 from what im reading only difernce is the E6 has a reduced chash(may be wrong on that from reading othere pages on it ) it is also refered to as a Toledo

try looking here and slecting E6 for steping and it give u a list of prosseser useing it .
plus a litte more info

Gotcha. Just read the shuttle and AMD forums, and see that the V2 version of your mobo has problems with the thermal protection setup in E series other than E6.

Happy hunting.

Yeah, E5=Manchester and E6=Toledo I believe, both dual-cores.

well all most E4 = (Manchester) far as i kow there is no E5