Ebay, there is no substitute

Just when you think you have found the silliest item ever to be listed on ebay something new shows up.

This one shows up in the “WHY? WHAT?? WHO???” category



oh dear…:stuck_out_tongue:


I’m stunned :eek:

I would be interested if it was a RC kart though :chuckle:

Now thats an image, having some stuffed road kill, razzing around a shropshire pub’s car park lol

They are so cute! Me wants…

erm… quick, someone disable my ebay account…

victoria_sponge ( 339 feedback) actually bought the damn thing! :rolleyes:

that’s ebay for ya! :slight_smile:

Seems theres a whole collection of things on Ebay involving deceased squirrels


looks like somebody is trying to get rid of a job lot of them then.

Do you think there was a auction we missed…

20 stuffed squirrels, good quality, various positions.

Damn, and I threw away the grey squirrel that the cat caught on Saturday (bloody cat !), I could have made a few quid there.

It would have looked good sat in the cockpit of my old Star Wars Snow Speeder…

Awesome, I can’t beleive I missed it :mad:

Another Ebay Gem in the making, just read the Q&A section.

I defy you to read it without laughing



Oh dear…