Elite: Dangerous


CQC beta out. Mindless shooting fun and I managed to come 3rd in my 2nd ever deathmatch. There are people worse than me? Reminds me a bit of UT2004 in a way…


Nice change sometimes. :slight_smile: I’m still with a group called the White Templars, carrying out PowerPlay undermining missions against the pirate faction of Archon Delaine. Earning plenty of merit points taking down his transports and associates, earning me 10,000merits each week for the past two weeks, which guarantees me 50,000,000credits each week to put towards a new Python ship. Can’t wait to get that ship in the air to see what it can do.

The group is coming together well and myself and the other Wing leaders are training new recruits how to run in a Wing, using TeamSpeak. Great fun and a good laugh too. The guys are from all over the world so with timezones it can be a bit difficult, but we are managing to remain a cohesive force. Got 4 Wings of 4 players going into the pirate’s systems and our activities have been noticed by Frontier Developments as well. We may be given our own minor faction because of our works, which could prove interesting. Nothing like putting a massive target on your back! :slight_smile:


I joined Aisling’s Angels who I believe also have some speech server, but not used it myself. Think they’re also looking to become a minor faction. Since I only do the delivery stuff there isn’t any real time coordination (weekly goals), and even less reason for me to do much since I’m out exploring so can’t contribute. I will come back dead or Elite. Back on PP, I can easily maintain rank 4 but rank 5 is out of reach unless I spend silly amounts of time or cash, of which I don’t have much of either.


Winging up is the best way to gain PP points, but you do need a committed team of players behind you and someone who understands the whole PP system and can direct you to the best targets. It does take a bit of time, but not massive amounts once you reach the 10k merits level for the first time as you carry over half those points into the next week and so each week you only have to achieve 5k points to maintain that threshold. I spent an hour and a half on line with 2 other Wing members last night and in the short time I was there I racked up 1250merits so I’m well on my way to next weeks target already.


Think everyone is impatient for the Horizons beta. Official forum is struggling…


Yep! Been a lot of anticipation and I personally can’t wait to get to play with it. It looks awesome and utilising the 64bit architecture to give the best to the graphics shaders should make it look gorgeous too. :slight_smile:


What spec is your machine? It’s maxing out my 980 Ti… only getting around 45fps on surface. Going to dig deeper into that tonight.


Spec is a Gigabyte 990FX mobo, 8gb Hyper X PC3 RAM Gigabyte 650Ti 4gb GDDR5 RAM GPU Corsair 550w PSU and the important bit an AMD 9350FX AM3+ 8core CPU. Haven’t run the fps score yet, but runs pretty well. No lag and the graphics are as I expected. Here’s a screen of my Cobra taxi on planet.


This is my SRV returning to my Asp.

What res? I’m running 3440x1440 so over double the pixels of 1080p. I also found if I limit the fps to 30, it felt smoother than the whatever it gets flat out variable around 45.


Only running it at 1920x1080, but it runs around 35 in station to around 65-75fps in space and from 22-27 on planetary entry, so not bad considering the card.


Finalising preparations for the Distant Worlds expedition to the far side of the galaxy. I’ve crashed my Skype with the official chat group, and other in game contacts more or less setup now. I just need to dump my Buckball Run goods at some point and finish the conversion to exploration build. Gonna leave the SRV well alone I think, with landings too risky for a round trip of over 130,000ly.

Might buy a new joystick. I’ve been using a Fly 5 since starting around last feb, and I’m about to lose another button. I have a Warthog unused as there’s simply too many buttons for me to re-program and get used to, plus I never got used to not having twist yaw. Neither pedals nor the throttle nipple did it for me.