Elive and Enlightenment

A very nice Windows manger I’ve found is Enlightenment.

When I tried it on Ubutnu it sucked a bit. Okay, it seemed to have failed to do anything to the screen like the fancy screen shots I saw on the Elive distro

The Elive distro is quite nice but it seems Enlightenment needs configuring when you install it or to add themes on Ubuntu. I’m looking forward to trying out Ebuntu which is a Ubuntu based distro but with enlightenment rather than Gnome. (Much like Kbuntu or Xbuntu)

Something to keep an eye on I think. Reminds me majorly of Litestep for Windows.

Will have to have a look at that… have you tried Beryl on Ubuntu ?


No becase Beryl requires 3D drivers (ie the propertary nVidia ones) and I’m not running those because it randomly corrupts the system (everything appears to be on and working in the tower but screen is black and cant be seen on the netwrok) so I have to restart it everytime this happens and I cant be bothered.

Well it looks pretty…