Erich Heien has left Borkeley

and than this

Eric Heien, one of the Fathers from Seti left Berkeley.

I feel no good to this,

but The very best for the future,

and we will miss you.

and here the Geerman side fo this

Sir Ulli

Its sad when a long term member of a project leaves but there is a chance that his replacement will bring new ideas and help the new projects make better progress. Boinc seems to be faltering at the moment so a sweeping change may be good for the project.

Good luck Eric though I’ve only seen your name pop up in the CLI credits a few thousand times and didn’t know you personally.

Thanks everyone! It is true, I’ve decided to leave SETI@home/BOINC, though it’s been a great experience. I’ve always wanted to live in Japan and an opportunity presented itself, so in 2 weeks I am heading off to teach English there. Karl Chen is taking charge of some of my BOINC related duties, but he’s only working until the school year starts. We’re hiring a full-time replacement for my position shortly. I’ll send you all a postcard when I arrive!

from Eric Heien

so give him a very good Goodby here

or here

He is one of the Fathers from Seti.

Sir Ulli

Japan eh? Nice work if you can get it.

Sad to hear but at least it wasn’t for bad reasons!:wink: