Europe set for perfect views of ISS

13 June 2006
Conditions in Europe are set to be ideal for perfect views of the International Space Station (ISS) as it passes overhead up to four times a night this coming weekend.

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Sir Ulli

Thanks Ulli, I’ll be looking out for that. I saw the ISS rise over the Donau a few years ago and it was a beautiful sight.

You can usually see the ISS every night… at least the blinking lights.

Is this naked eye viewing or do I need a set of binoculars or telescope ?

Bear in mind I cannot see the bottom of my garden unless I put my glasses on

I’ve seen it going over, you can with your naked eye :slight_smile: it looks like a moving star to start with, but as you look closer you can see its not…

Was also able to see mir before it went down :nod:

Used sight below to figure out what could be seen and when to look for it.