Euthanaise me NOW

I can’t believe I just bought a Skoda Octavia :eek: £2100 on a W plate 1.8 SLX Estate 64k miles.
Well the auctions were getting well on and I hadn’t found anything else at the right price. Have to say it drove very well on the motorway and local roads on the way home from Southampton to Bournemouth. Doesn’t like sharp corners though, seems like the tyres are folding under it.

… time for a diet? … :smiley:

:haha: But I’ve still got some of those Cashews left.

Mrs Nightlord has one of those, well actually a 1.9TDi estate on a T plate, but just the same really.

Solid as a rock. Done 95k and a great family car, still getting 60mpg and low running costs too.

/smug grin on

Got a puncture just a few weeks after we bought it. Took the wheel off and stamped on the hub is the VW/Audi logo.

So next time you have a mega bucks Audi A3 in front of you and try not to have a smirk on your face :rolleyes:

/smug grin off

Skoda have always made reliable motors - just their build quality was fairly poor. They were Rolls-Royce compared to Lada, though :slight_smile:

Friends of mine used Skoda’s a lot in low-end rallies as they would just go on and on seemingly forever (or was that just their lap times :stuck_out_tongue: )

Since being taken over by VW their build quality has shot up and they make some very good (if not particularly exciting) cars. The nice thing is that the marque has kept prices down.

Thats a bargain! My old man is after an estate for luggin amps around i’ll have to suggest an octavia!