Every time I raise my PC count Mortlake does.....

…new host

Owner Mortlake
Created 3 Apr 2005 22:16:00 UTC
Total Credit 283.55
Recent average credit 203.04
CPU type GenuineIntel Intel® Xeon™ CPU 2.80GHz
Number of CPUs 4

:cry: :cry: :thumbsup: mate - nice one, I hope you don’t encounter the problems that a lot have with more than one cpu for CPDN. My dual didn’t like it at all - although the new dual has not been tried - thats on Predictor.

I may just have to go assimilating :devil: :slight_smile:


:nono: :nono:

:moon: :moon: Any news on folding for Boinc yet Neal ? It may get a share on my dual that runs predictor. To keep ahead of Mortlake or at least give him a run for his money the three machines I’ve got folding are looking fave to move over… :moon:

/can here Neal screaming now… :stuck_out_tongue:



move to CPDN…

:smackbum: at Neal!

Of course if Neal was to move to Team Python, I may be forced to move my machine back to folding…:devil: :Pimp:

:frowning: yep having problems with multiple instances, although two seems to be ok , it is on my HT P4, the good thing with 4.25 is that you can suspend two , have two running and still have two ‘processors’ running something else .
Its a combination of 3 planned projects - duallie - 64 bit and water cooling - those intel coolers realy whine at full tilt , and the board and Xeons were cheaper than a similar power Opteron system .( must do some comparisons …)
it clocks up to 3.2 but not stable and not at all for CPDN , just got to pick up the nerve to attempt some wire vcore mods.
tried to load FC3 this weekend both 32 and 64 bit versions , the SMP kernels both hang although both uni processor kernels run fine , and all I achieved was to accidentally wipe my 64 bit XP system off a re assembled raid.

Trying to pimp you to VT Python…

Not to BOINC :rolleyes:

I’m a big fan of being able to suspend instances and really like the way Boinc is moving forward. I truly hope that the more than 2 CPDN gets fixed soon. I’m pretty sure its memory related in the compiler, CPDN hates too far overclocks as well so sounds a bit familiar.
Sounds like a fun project :smiley: