Excel question

hi guys,

theres a guy here at work who has a spreadsheet, when he prints it only some of the information shown on the screen is printed, there is no apparent patern to the missing data in the prints, and i cant see anything obvous that would cause this… any ideas?

Has he set the Print Area under the File option? If so select the whole area and select the Clear Print area option

the spreadsheet as a whole prints ok, barring the random cells that just dont… sorry my original post isnt that helpfull it is 9:28am tho and i wont wake up for another hour at liest

What is in those cells?

plain text

Sounds silly, but he hasn’t got the font colour set to white on a white background?

Also try selecting the area and selecting Edit - Clear - Formats and see if it prints OK then (don’t save it though!!!)

ok tryed that it made no difference, its still omiting printing some cells within the document :confused:

Have you tried printing the document from another terminal? If it prints out OK from that terminal, there is possibly something corrupted with the print driver on his machine. Is it possible to post the spreadsheet so I could look at it?

prints the same from my machine and his. cant post the spreadsheet as it deals with customers finacial data :wink:

It is random cells, not the same cells each time that aren’t printing? The cells contain plain text and are not the result of a formula?

Is it doing something like this:


or this


What version of Excel and OS are you using?

Please try a EXPORT ( SAVE AS ) into a older version say 97 Excel format. Then close EXCEL and the reopen… alos make sure you don’t have ACCESS running.

Also what version of EXCEL, RAM, FILE SIZE would help…

if someone comes up with the answer to this, please pm me. i have the same problem under office 2000 and xp pro. it goes away under office 97 and xp home - i gave up looking for an answer once i found a workaround.

(biggest problem now is persuading users there is no difference and that office 97 in NOT necessarily ‘old’.)

ok we have a work arround…

turns out that if you increase the size of the rows that are effected then it prints fine… maybe this will work for you guys too, but dont count on it

Wyntrblue is correct on this fix. The printer you were I bet sending to was GDI driver based. The cell sizing must be larger then the font point value. If the font point it to large, and cell size to small you’ll get no printing or a checker board effect (print ok here and then not here). The usage of BOLD within a cell also will often burp the GDI printer driver also in Excel. This is not really an Excel issue more a Printer driver issue. So the fix is larger cells or smaller type…