exchange 2003

Advice please for a school “IT Manager”

We have server 2003 with exchange 2003 installed on it. We have AOL broadband. is exchange workable with aol, if not what is best. I want to start with the staff (20) first and then progress to setting all the students up. My knowledge is minimal but will give anything a try.

what exactly are you looking to do with exchange ?

which server have you installed ?

windows 2003 server (not sbs) and we want to be able to send emails internally and externally

AOL does not (as far as I know) give static ip addresses, so you can’t use Exchange “as meant” with mail being delivered to it…

You can however use the pop3 connector in Exch2003 to get all mails and internal mails will be routed internally (never leaving the school network) and you can even set policies for the accounts that you allow external mail sending rights.

Gotta ask, a school on an AOL connection ? :confused:


deprived children and we take what we can get. Thanks for the help and advice

If AOL is no good do you know another good (cheap) supplier that would be ideal?

alternatively use no-ip to give you a stable domain name

Telewest ??

plusnet is what I use, u can try pipex.

Plusnet are pretty good, fairly cheap and they will give you a static IP as well if needed.

DoubleTop is correct. To completely take control of your email, you will require a static IP. Before you do this, you need to talk a hard look at the pros’s and con’s of running your own mail server.

[Pros] All email is stored on your exchange server. You control everything.
[Cons] Security needs to be tighter, more prone to attacks. You have to do your own virus/spam filtering.

Depending on your experience or access to outside IT support, setting up a POP connector might be the way to go. Get with a hosting provider who can filter your spam and viruses.