F.A.O Crunchers

Becuase of the goings on in other forums i felt this would be more apropriate here.

I stopped crnching becuse i felt there was nothing in it for with for instance most of you having more powerfull and faster PC’s but i would like to give it another go as my PC’s are getting faster and more of.
so i need someone to sell it to me perhapse some advice on getting my PC crunching faster what is the best DC project for me ect.
what compitiions are there going at the moment.:wiggle:

Firstly, don’t worry at all about others having more or more powerful machines. Just have fun with what you have.

Seti@home using the optimised applications (see the sticky in this forum) will probably give the biggest bang per buck (as Nightlord pointed out recently.) Using the latest Truxoft optimised boinc client helps deliver fair clams for all attached projects (but does not itself make the applications go faster.)

It is a good idea to have one or two projects which can pick up the slack if a favourite project is down for a while.

Apart from that it’s really a question of which projects you fancy. From my point of view: seti@home is inspiring, einstein@home is reliable and fascinating, lhc@home is practical, with SZTAKI its easy to make a significant contribution and you have a good chance of individual recognition, Rosetta@home has a really good team spirit. With CPDN you always have work to do but it requires a long-term committment. If you want to start something fairly new, then you could consider the BBC CPDN project.

I may go back to doing SETI,
Altho helen wouldnt mind doing somthing to do with cancer reaserch,
Can two Projects be run on boinc at one time and what one deals with cancer reaseach of any kind. me and helen have looked through all of the info around the DC proijects and i feel the info isnt that clear so forgive for all the questions.

Yeah they can, just set the options usage preference to the same and they will split the cpu power 50/50

I would say that Rosetta would probably be your best bet. I’m not all that clued up though.

That is the main “sell” of Boinc, not only the ability to run multiple projects, but also give them a priority setting as well.

Any and all of the boinc projects can be ran together, although the best combination is a long-run-time project (cpdn, einstein, bbc-cpdn) along with a relatively short-run model like predictor, seti and others.


Cheers for the info guys :smiley:
Ill start as soon as i have everything running :slight_smile:
At the moment i only have 2 PC’s to crunch but very soon ill have three so ill have a chance to get up there :smiley:

/edit: me wonders if i can get my c500 smartphone to crunch :wink:

Ok thats two online :wink:

Welcome back Andy. Welcome to the team again :slight_smile:

Not sure if Rosetta is cancer research or not.

SIMAP is another good project.

rosetta’s current projects are:
Prostate Cancer

i’m currently running folding because of its links with cancer although that is not all it helps with the current list is:
Alzheimer’s Disease
Huntington’s Disease
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Parkinson’s Disease
Ribosome & antibiotics

all taken from the official sites, hope this helps


Follows links and spot’s how own two machines, the clicks

that link will show the follower’s their own machiones 8)

if you tell you Number we can look it up 8)

like I’m:
Account number Used in URLs 166085 at Seti main.