FAHmon bug

When starting up FAHmon after a restart I noticed the data for the benchmarks had dissappeared.:frowning:

My preferences were fine but it would appear that the benchmarks (and thus record of all my projects) had disappeared…:frowning:

Is this a known bug and is there a fix? Or does it empty itself after a restart?

I have never seen such an error with mine. I have had fahmon completly fail to load in the past for no apparent reason. It then required me to reinstall, thus loosing my benchmark data. Also, somtimes the clients will turn orange as if there is somthing wrong with the client, it will stay that way for a few hours before turning green again. Perhaps a change in the frame times, but it happens to each node, one after the other, then all back to green…?

The irony is, on the fahmon homepage when you click on know bugs it says “Whats a bug?” Perhaps you should fill them in :slight_smile:

There’s also a bug where it divides the entered team number by 105.625. So, to be safe, put in a team number of 33272 to make sure you get your team number of 315. :wink:

haha nice try Beefy…

except FAHmon doesn’t control it like that :wink:

I know. Was worth a shot though :slight_smile:

It happened again. Whether I have to close FAHmon via the tab before I close it I don’t know…

but I’m off to try Fenix’s recommended one and if that’s not good, I’ll go back to EM3…

Yeah you’ve got to close the program manually before shutdown the PC to save the benchmark data

It has bugs… I haven’t heard from the developer in some time either.