FAO : need help..

ok a while back someone asked for keyboard keys… I now have in my possesion 8 keyboards… il lstrip the keys and post to them ? dont know who they where tho :confused: :frowning:


:wall: I wish I had remembered that. We just tossed about 35 keyboards at work. I could’ve pulled the caps and sent them over, though I don’t know if it’d be worth it in the shipping cost. We’ll go through another cleanout and I’ll try to keep a note to remember.

Thanks again Bin, and PMM for reminding him. I’ve not been around much lately - been a bit busy during my prime browsing times (work!!).

What other kind of “bits” do you use / want ? Throwing out a load of stuff at work atm but not computers, old engineering stuff but who am i to say you wouldn’t want it, so give me a clue what would be interesting :slight_smile:

@TK - let me know if you still want and pm me where, and i will put the buttons from 6/7 keyboards in the post. and it will give me some fun this evening bashing them to bits!!! :wink:


Peige, I do stuff with circuit boardy type things, so sicks of memory and things like graphics cards are good.

Also if people are smashing keyboards up, there are some thin sheets of plastic inside that sometimes have circuit - board patterns on. I like them too :smiley:

if u can write down a list of things u will need/want…

My College and my old school [which my friend is network manager of] are doing the whole ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ Cleanouts

i’l grab what i can for you.

Hehe cool! I’m going to run out of money soon though :stuck_out_tongue:

I basically need/want keyboards, or keys at the very least. Anything circuit boardy is a bonus. Let me know if you can grab anything! Thanks very much :smiley:

bunch of 8meg sims here too if you want mini cb’s. if you want tntire yeyboards a mojo pickup may be better than postage?

Entire keyboards are best done by a Mojos pick up, definately. I don’t mind waiting :slight_smile: But I also don’t mind just getting the keys, depends if people can be bothered flicking the keys off. Can be quite theraputic :slight_smile:

Got about 20 keyboards whole here chuck, one flick of the pom-poms and they are yours :wink: (collection only)

Thanks Martin, will grab them when we are next over :slight_smile: