fedora box, currupt disk

There have been some power problems where my fedora box is and it now refuses to boot, file corruption, but i think on the second disk, not the main drive with fedora on.

When i look at screen i see it saying that second disk hasn’t been checked for 180 odd days so it was forcing check, eventually drops back to command prompt with performing integrity check… then after a while to a “type admin password or control-d” to continue.

Erm, if i type in admin password i can get a prompt, what could i type to repair the second disk ? (mounted as “Second” normally) other choice is to disconnect it and get into fedora but most of the point of the box atm is storage for the house and that disk has all the media on it :xfinger: :xfinger:

hmmm in solaris when this happens you do an “fsck -y <device>” from the prompt… can’t remember if there’s a fedora equivalent

/edit: the power of google

:xfinger: unless the disk is Foobar Linux is usually pretty good at recovering - especially as this isn’t your boot files.

Taking a step back how is the drive connected?
is it sharing an IDE bus with anything else ?
Does it show up in the bios as the right drive size/type

Does it show up in fdisk -l with the expected layout ?

Is it a MAXTOR?

Disk etc was in the bios, no its not a Maxtor :cool: fsck fixed it first time through :thumbsup: