well the islands festival has begun :frowning: the place is gridlocked took me almost an hour to drive 2 miles earlier :frowning: not going myself i’ll sit in my back garden with BBQ’s and beer all weekend and just listen to it :slight_smile:

Jeez! It MUST be gridlocked badly, since you live in Gosport :slight_smile:

lol close try newport :slight_smile: spose for some people any port will do :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder, I have a bottle somewhere …

I’ll be able to hear Download if the weather’s right :smiley:

with the weather forecast being what it is, no need for a tent-peg hammer this weekend :lol:

Going to be a little damp tomorrow


we got a nice forcast from tomorrow …hopefully…lol

Fingers crossed it is raining. Not sure I want to tramp around Leicester getting meter readings tomorrow :frowning:

Weather is great here in South Wales. About to head for the harbour and load up the dive gear.