files and folders

just been looking around onmy pc and some of my files and folders have a faded look to them i was just wondering if it’s a virus or trojan thing or something like that . Have done a scan with AVG but it pulled nothing up didn’t know if anyone on here would have any ideas what it is ?

many thanks
brucie :slight_smile:

If a folder or file is faded in Windows it means that its a “Hidden” file or folder. There is nothing wrong with this and its a normal function of Windows.

oh right thanks fenix :slight_smile: was getting a bit worried :slight_smile:

Never thought I would see “windows” and “normal” in one sentence :smiley:

In fact, better that they remain hidden. Their contents, if changed accidentally, could cause big problems.

To make them disapear go to Start>Control Panel>Appearance and Themes>Folder Options. Click on the View tab and in Advanced Settings double click on Files and Folders if there is no selsctions, then un-tick “Display the Contents of System Folders” and also under “Hidden Files and Folders” tick “Do not show hidden files and folders”.

Then hit apply and OK.

et Voila, PC sans chemise gris

thanks nightlord :slight_smile:
sorry been busy xmas shopping :frowning: hate this time of year …lol