fingerprinting dust

whats the best way to clean it off? just washed the car yet its still on the paintwork and water and scrubbing doesnt seem to want to shift it
any idea’s
yes i washed the car between showers, at least i dont have to worry about watermarks :slight_smile: problem is it needs waxing now :frowning:

neat washing up liquid, that’s what forensics said when we got broken into all those times :wink:


When I wash mine, I go through a three-stage process:[ul][]Rinse thoroughly with clean, cold water[]Wash with some Turtlewax Extreme Wash/Wax in a bucket of warm water[*]Rinse thoroughly then chamois till dry.[/ul]That way I don’t get any fingerprints, smears etc and the paintwork is protected too so any dirt/grime comes off easier next time :slight_smile:

i go through a similar process, wash, wash wax stuff, hose, chomois dry then a proper wax. comes up lovely
i did not mean fingerprints in the manner you do tho, i had my car broke into and it was the forensic fingerprinting dust that i couldnt get rid of, its still there abit now if you look at the wrong angle. i gave up and just waxed it was threatening to rain again.
it needed a proper wax as its going to live by the sea for the next 6 months without being washed whilst at uni
cheers for the reply’s

How about gasoline and a match?:scared:

If washing up liquid doesn’t shift it, try a little t-cut rubbed lightly if it’s on the metal part, or toothpaste on the glass?

fingerprint dust adheres to oily residue , so washing up liquid should work i think