Firefox not displaying TPR correctly

I’m typing this in Safari cause Firefox cannot read TPR’s new site correctly with numerous warnings in the error console.

Has anything changed at all?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled an earlier version of firefox and it’s made no difference.

Any ideas?

I had the same thing briefly the other day after latest level was installed but I was in the middle of all sorts of changes , I have a feeling that it went away after a reboot.

No problems here with FF 3.6.11

fine here too on 3.6.10 - not sure what might cause that :frowning:

No problems here either on 3.6.11.

I’d have to suspect either a dodgy plugin, or possibly a bad cached file somewhere (not necessarily on your computer if your ISP uses transparent caching).

very rarely use anything other than firefox to view TPR… as per everyone else no isses here. 3.6.11

… noticing the pic and it mentioning Font maybe a possibility on a reliance of a system font and your system somehow is missing the font in question ?

Must have been a messed up cache or a dodgy add-ons. Shut down all the addons and cleared the cache and it came back to life. I’ve left the addons off as I don’t remember asking for some of them and everything else is working OK, so what they heck :shrug: Thanks for the advice guys :thumbsup:

glad to be of help :smiley:


If it’s any help, works fine in Chrome :wink:

Ye, Chrome ftw :slight_smile:

Mind you being in work im stuck using IE atm :frowning:

I’ve installed Chrome as a test bed for the websites I’ve been building for my customers. So now I have IE8, FF, Safari and Chrome all onboard. I like the simple design of Chrome and it is pretty speedy, but I also quite like Safari too. IE8 is an intrusive and annoying slug and Firefox is starting to get a bit bloaty and sluggish at times and I get annoying issues like this from time to time. Might have to change my default browser after some more testing…

Yeah, I changed from Firefox as I found it was slowing my PC down considerably on initial boot - Chrome is speedy 100% of the time. Took a few plugins to match FF but they all seem covered now (Ghostery, Ad block, Read it Later and Speed dial)