Firewall suggestions please

My mate has a newish Dell PC which came pre-loaded wth McAfee firewall and antivirus as a trial. This has now expired and he has uninstalled it. He has set up AVG as his antivirus and wants to know if the M$ firewall that comes with XP is adequate or should he download something like Zone Alarm?

Any ideas?

how does he connect to the internet ? if its cable or adsl best would to be get a gateway router it will alow him to get multipule computers online same time with out useing MS Internet shareing witch just uses up system mem. plus most newer ones have a SPI firewall biult into them . this way u cut down on what the system aways has keep up and runing useing up your MEM . most are not very expencive US prices run between 40 and 100 for most .

just had replace one we had picked up a linksys WRT54G that has wireless also for 80.00 and came with 15.00 rebate to boot … yes not free but then u dont have keep updateing the program or worry about time runing out on it.

He only has the one computer and very little cash, so if the M$ firewall isn’t up to it, he will probably go for the free Zone Alarm one. He connects through ADSL

yes i would recommend zone alarm for poor people (like me :p) it does its job and is user friendly i think…

Curly recommended me Sygate Personal Firewall at one point and I must admit, it’s been a lot lot better than Zone alarm. I recommend it now.

I would strongly recommend Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall (was Kerio Personal Firewall):

I would have too, except it’s now been taken over by Symantec and destroyed.

@ Olly
I’ll have a look at Sunbelt Kerio and see if it’s easy for him to use, as he’s not too techy

Ah but the free version hasn’t. I guess there wont be any updates.

my 2p [once again) ditch AVG. Get AVAST and just use windows fire wall