My rotuer died a few days ago :frowning: dont know whats wrong with it but it was a nice Linksys router…

well since then I decided to install IPCOP on once machine and route it all throught that pc into a switch… after a good 2-3 hours today I finally got it working :smiley:

me = :D:D:D


and now I can setup my small farm in the winter :smiley:

on to Suse Desktop 10 Enterprise

Maybe it suffered a terrible death from having to serve up a large 38K sig image many times over
for such a simple image.

Maybe your new system might feel happier if it were to happen to like PNG itself into a 1.6K 6 colour file :wink:

hummmm. My Linksys Router also died. Or so it would appear. How can you test a router? This is a VOIP router and neither the phone nor any device plugged into it will connect. The Internet light flashes. It’s fairly new and I can’t find the receipt. bugger!

that fantastic image is hosted on my xilo hosting :stuck_out_tongue: currently building the site again… so sig image size right now is the last thing on my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

had exactly the same problem… cost me £40 a while back now tho… its wired only…

if u find how to fix it :wink: please give me a nudge :smiley:

sorry fo double post :frowning: