Fireworks anyone??

Get ready for tomorrow

Looks like those were taken with a long exposure time…if we could do that with our eyes, it would be amazing in real life.

Double celebration tonight.

Guy Fawkes


My son’s 18th birthday

Got some really good fireworks to celebrate ;-)))


Lil’ Sculli has been virtually glued to the windows on a night for the past week watching the fireworks. Till this happened I wasn’t going to bother as the local pub (around 150 yards away :drink: ) usually has a large display.

So, I went and bought a box of ‘low noise’ and a couple of big roman candle style fireworks - after the first 3 she was so upset we had to come back inside and put a DVD on for her :frowning:

Went to a decent bonfire tonight, took some pics but I’m just getting to grips with the photo-mography thing so they aren’t worth posting :stuck_out_tongue:

talk about bad luck - seems to be following me round at the moment…

…weird thing with the car, 970 d2ol units gone due to HD failure, cooker oven busted

now we go to the club for the fireworks, to find as they had a bookng for a birthday for tonight that they did the fireworks last night. Cue breakneck (within the legal limits) driving to get to an organised display. Really looking bad as all surrounding roads were full of cars parked on the verges. Squeezed the little car into a space it really should not have fitted, ran down the road with the kids.

Uh oh - looks bad there are a few people coming out, but we can still see the fireworks through the trees. Literally we get into the entrance and the show ended (Wellington Park). Kids were amazingly good though as we took them to the mini fair they had on and they still got to see the bonfire.

Looks like a trip to Tecos for the buy one get one free on fireworks in the morning to make it up to the kids/me :frowning:


Just about timed it right here… Display started at 5.30 :rolleyes: so got there at 6.30 , got in for a round £5 coz we were late in time to see the whole display anyway :woot:

Boy threw four bean bags at the skittles that you can’t knock down and went on the teapot ride, stared at the rest of the fair ground rides and we were all done and back to base with minmum of fuss and max of fun within two hours :cool:

We had a pretty good night… got there in time for all the fireworks, AND we got pretty close to the front, too. Didn’t cost us to get in… it seems a little weird to me to have to pay for a fireworks display… I mean, you can see it from far enough away that you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to. Anyway, we had some nice doughnuts, some candyfloss, looked around the fair for a bit, then went home. Pretty good, I thought.

blimey, cycling back from work at 8 last nite it was like world war 3 (or have we already had that), the tesco’s near where i live had a pallet of fireworks go missing apparently :smiley: